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Brown Brothers Distribution Ltd drive down costs and get the right products to you on time Prime Document andTechTrek guarantee they also deliver Brown Brothers invoices and statements accurately. EDF Energy continue to de-risk data archiving by utilising the good business practice of leveraging the benefits and immediacy of electronic records whilst also looking after their long term preservation of the information. TechTrek are a trusted partner with an international footprint and a proven secure infrastructure that provides cost effective world class document management services
TechTrek store and securely manage approx. 25 million financial documents for Interforum, the documents are instantly available to a worldwide user community in excess of 15,000 accounts.

Services Provided

Prime Document and TechTrek: Transactional Document Print and Mail, SaaS based Electronic Document Management and E-Billing Services.
Prime Document and TechTrek reduce costs of managing transactional document processes and optimize distribution to Brown Brothers internal users and externally to customers and vendors whilst also managing the long term regulatory retention of documents.

Brown Brothers is the oldest and still leading National Distributor to the UK crash repair industry. With over 120 years excellence in distribution, their network of branches, vans and dedicated sales people throughout the UK, not only offer an unbeatable range of products, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative business solutions. These programs are developed to improve profit potential by increasing efficiencies and reducing costs throughout the entire bodyshop. In addition to the crash repair industry Brown Brothers now also supplies a comprehensive range of Light Industrial Coatings.

Brown Brothers chose to work with Prime Document & TechTrek in September 2009 following several years working closely with Prime Document for Print & Mail services.

Services Provided

EDF have converted approx. 25 million images through document and film scanning processes over the course of the last 12 years. Each image is loaded into their Electronic document management system and is also microfilmed, the microfilm has properties that ensure its long term preservation as a low cost non technology dependent backup media.

The records archived include nuclear plant data that is naturally very sensitive.

TechTrek are proud to be trusted with managing this data and work closely with EDF under an ISO 9001 procedure to certify the authenticity and legitimacy of every single image.

Services Provided

London, October 2010 – TechTrek Limited, a global provider of data management solutions, is proud to announce its partnership with Interforum Editis. Interforum is part of the Editis Group are the second-largest publishing group in France, a major player in Europe and the publishing world. Editis markets include literature, education, dictionaries and encyclopedias, Editis are also a major player in book marketing and distribution.

Interforum has a long established relationship with the TechTrek team in France. In August and September 2010, a migration of Interforum's archive to the TechTrek UK data Centre took place. Tony Gale, TechTrek Chairman, "We are delighted to announce this partnership, Interforum have been very astute and leveraged our investment to reap the benefits of SaaS document management, their highly valuable financial documents are in very safe hands"

About TechTrek

TechTrek London, Paris, Rome and Mumbai has a strong track-record in providing document processing services for customers all around the globe; harnessing its secure technology, low cost high quality offshore data centre and suite of solutions, delivered on a "Solution as a Service" business process outsourced model.

About TechTrek

TechTrek London, Paris, Rome and Mumbai has a strong track-record in providing document processing services for customers all around the globe; harnessing its secure technology, low cost high quality offshore data centre and suite of solutions, delivered on a "Solution as a Service" business process outsourced model.

About TechTrek

TechTrek Limited is a global provider of outsourced data, document and business process management solutions, including a digital repository capable of holding 65 billion images.

The company also offers business continuity and disaster recovery solutions and is ISO 9001 and 27001 Certified. TechTrek delivers real competitive advantage. More information at www.techtrekuk.com

Progress since commencement:

Outsource of transactional invoice and statement processing to Prime Document utilizing their ISO Diamond award recognized Print & mail services

  • Reducing costs of print and post
  • Leveraging best of breed technology
  • Provision of comprehensive print file integrity reports

All documents are seamlessly stored by Prime Document in the ECCO document management service provided by TechTrek

  • Unlimited user access
  • No software or hardware
  • Documents instantly available via a browser

Customers who choose to receive their invoices & statements via secure e-billing provided in partnership by Prime Document and TechTrek

  • E mail delivery notification and options for customers to view, print & email their latest and history of  invoices/statements
  • Zero print & postage cost
  • Reducing DSO
  • Providing on demand reports for credit control functions

Removing the backlog of paper from the offices by having them scanned & indexed by TechTrek

  • TechTrek provided the conversion of all backfile data on paper and also collect day forward paper for scanning regularly.
  • All paper files now removed and instantly available at the desktop

Established a central repository for financial business process documents, under highly secure management, for customers, suppliers, Brown Brothers finance & management teams

  • Invoices, Credits & Statements
  • Remittances
  • Purchase Orders
  • Cash Banking
  • Expense Receipts
  • Journals
  • Application Forms

Peter Drew (Finance Manager) comments: ““With the expertise of Prime Document and TechTrek we are now able to provide our customers with more time efficient solutions to their statement and invoicing requirements”

About Prime Document Prime Document specialise in the effective production, distribution and management of our clients business critical documents. In summary we take receipt of our client’s data, we process this data and create print or electronic documents.

We print these documents on high speed, high quality laser printers and then put them into envelopes using high speed intelligent enclosing systems. In addition our “ecco” service enables us to deliver, store and retrieve documents electronically.

Description: Copy (2) of QMS ISO9001S We run our business under ISO rules working in conjunction with our specifically designed Networked Control System (PDCS). This gives us full control of every job we do right down to page level and full history thereafter. Above all we offer our clients exceptional customer service adopting a flexible "can do" attitude.


About EDF Energy

EDF Energy is one of the UK's largest energy companies and its largest producer of low-carbon electricity. A wholly-owned subsidiary of the EDF Group, one of Europe's largest energy groups, they generate around one fifth of the UK's electricity and employ around 15,000 people. EDF supply electricity and gas to around 5.5 million residential and business customers, making them the biggest supplier of electricity by volume. Our mission is to bring sustainable energy solutions home to everyone.



Editis generated 2009 sales of € 751.1 million, and has many future plans for publishing ventures in France and the French-speaking countries. The Editis group has a well-established track record of quality, electronic publishing. More information at www.editis.fr or www.editis.com
Press Contact
Tony Gale Chairman, TechTrek Limited Office: +44 1732 841307 Mobile: +44 7818 003210 Email: tony.gale@techtrekuk.com










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