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Electronic Billing

This is how it works

  • You send data to TechTrek in-box
  • We turn the data into documents that look just like your existing ones.
  • We store the document in docHarbor online
  • We notify your customers that new documents have arrived
  • Your customers collect their documents securely using HTTPS.
  • In addition, we can send the documents out by post, fax or e-mail.
  • You can use the docHarbor secure document repository to find and send copy documents on demand – 7 by 24.
  • Your customers can use the site to get copies
  • You can get activity reports so you know when a customer collects an invoice
  • If a document is not delivered after an agreed time, we can alert you, and we can you use our alternative delivery methods.
docHarbor Tasks
A docHarbor user can perform the following tasks;
  • Search for documents using date, document number, document type, name of company.
  • View the document online in PDF format.
  • Print or save copies to a local directory.
  • After saving locally, send a copy via email, fax or post direct.
  • Mark documents as read, unread, hidden etc.
  • Delete documents (admin level only)
  • Select and save multiple documents into one PDF file.

TechTrek Business Process Management

TechTrek Business Process Management (BPM)

TechTrek BPM Services bring improved business processes direct to the desktop without the need for any IT capital investment. Our service subscribers have 'Best Practice' work items delivered to them, and while they enjoy improved working conditions the firm usually enjoys considerable cost savings. TechTrek BPO Services are being delivered for accounts departments, case workers, and in HR.

Electronic Billing

e-billing provides immediate costs savings – no envelopes or postage. It also improves the process of delivering documents. Making invoices freely available tends to help resolve discrepancies quickly. So it costs you less and you tend to get paid sooner. Undoubtedly we are in tough and challenging economic times. The global credit crunch has filtered down to all sizes of business across most industry sectors. Against this backdrop, it has become critical for businesses to focus on overheads and eliminate unnecessary expenditure. However, cutting corners and compromising on service levels has to be avoided. Your customers want more and they want to pay less. By using TechTrek, companies will be able to save substantial sums of money and also offer your customers an improved service.

TechTrek can help you to get your documents deliveries transferred to electronic means quickly so you can remove the cost of the postage. Setting up TechTrek e-billing has a very low capital cost and is quick to do - it can be completed in as little as two weeks. Immediately you start using TechTrek services you are saving money, so ROI turnaround is fast Each document delivered electronically saves you money and the low capital outlay can be recouped in weeks if not days.

All documents processed by TechTrek are stored online in DocHarbor – a massively scalable document repository built for today's web enabled enterprise. Each online archive is specific to each of our clients and can be fully branded with your corporate livery. The archive can be accessed by staff and customers 24/7 and is particularly useful way for customers to self-serve themselves to 'their' documents. A prompt for payment can be added and the transactional details will be passed in a secure data packet to your payment channel of choice which is ideal for credit and debit card payments. Credit control staff have the ability to instantly see all paid transactions and more importantly view and chase none paid invoices.

Accounts Payables

TechTrek Accounts Payables service is a hosted invoice processing service targeted to accounts payable (A/P) professionals who desire a reliable and cost-effective method of automating invoice processing, streamlining operations, expediting payments, and improving financial information quality.

The services include an outsource invoice receipt services and transforms incoming paper invoices into digital images from which invoice data is automatically extracted, validated, delivered into the automated A/P workflow for approval and payment, made available for easy access online and, ultimately, archived for long-term storage and retrieval.

TechTrek has perfect combination of assets to offer services and hosted solutions such as the Accounts Payables Invoice processing service. The service leverages TechTrek's robust docHarbor® business platform, including high-volume document capture, scalable online document repository and flexible business process management (BPM) software-as-a-service (SaaS).

Some frequently asked questions

Why would in-house cost of processing an invoice be that high?

Why should customers not implement their own solutions?

The invoice processing cost extends beyond simply headcounts in the A/P department. TechTrek Invoice processing saves you actual £ in these areas:

Staff cost: Mail Handling, Scanning, Manual Data Entry, multi-step manual approval process

Implementing and operating a solution through IT department to scan, process & store invoices over multiple years requires significant upfront investment and ongoing operating costs.

Outsourcing non-core activities such as Invoice Processing will allow you to focus on the core aspects of your business.

In summary, key features of TechTrek Accounts Payables Invoice processing service

World-Class Document Capture and Management expertise:

  • State-of-the Art Capture Technology
  • The world's largest online document repository platform
  • Perfected by highly trained and experienced professionals

This means your documents and data are accurately captured and hosted with high security and availability.

Robust BPM Suites with a track record of delivering ROI as high as 300%

  • The top-down, most comprehensive and feature-rich BPM platform
  • Has been designed to manage large scale extended enterprise processes
  • Is multi-platform, multilingual and middleware agnostic
  • This means quick automation and deployment and that is scalable, fully recoverable and high performance, and Interoperate with DBMS, ERP, Application Servers, EAI systems and point solutions which are bought and built overtime, allowing these enterprises to leverage their IT investments

Pay-as-you-go Pricing means

no Server-based licensing fees or up-front capital expenditure.
How does TechTrek Invoice processing differ from traditional solutions?

Our solution goes beyond just capture and imaging and combines it with the state of the art Business Process Management technology offered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) to setup and manage your approval and processing workflow.

It combines the outsourcing and hosted solution to efficiently deploy business solution without any up front capital investment for software, hardware, or any other service for a standard application

All information is accessed through web browser and intuitive user interface

Software-as a Service (SaaS) and an outsourced mail receipt and capture speed up time-to-value and eliminate the needs for:
§ Upfront Investment
§ Operational costs
§ IT headaches

How is it priced?

Simple per invoice pricing model that includes all services with the necessary hardware, software, and IT infrastructure needed to perform:

  • Mail receipt
  • Invoice prep for scanning
  • Scanning
  • Automated data extraction
  • Approval Workflow
  • Long term storage for archival
  • Professional Services setup fees
  • Returning of paper based invoices on a monthly basis
  • Pricing can be established based on your specific needs and volumes
  • Pricing does not involve any investment on your part for a standard invoice processing solution
  • In addition to above services, we have many customized services with appropriate pricing to meet your specific needs
How would customers invoices get to TechTrek?

Each standard Invoice processing service solution comes with a dedicated P.O. Box per project/ customer. Each customer will simply forward all invoices included in the project to this P.O. Box. If requested, an additional mailboxes could be provided (extra fees apply).

What if the vendor/supplier sends electronic invoices?

Invoice processing service can also be configured to import and extract information from electronic invoices in different formats (email, fax, html, EDI). Some formats that require special integration may require additional fees

How scalable is Invoice processing service?

Built on one of the world's largest online document repository platform, TechTrek always make adjustments to ensure that customers are always getting top-quality performances. As a result, TechTrek Invoice processing service will always have scalability and capacity to take on additional user and data requirements as your company grows.




TechTrek e-billing
  • You can enjoy fast, hassle free invoice delivery without investing in hardware, specialist hosting environments, and operational personnel.
  • You can start saving postal costs within weeks
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