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Highlights for 2010
Innovation - The launch of our services for digital archiving, e-billing, and automated accounts payable.
New Operations - We have acquired our new operations centre in Bradbourne Kent.
Business Process Outsourcing can provide double digit performance improvements, and most projects deliver returns within months so benefits can be seen within the current fiscal year.
Our entire team is focused on delivering a 'better-than-expected' customer-centred service.
News and Events
TechTrek: Data and business process Management Company would like to invite you to our premier Networking event taking place in London one day only.
News and Events

TechTrek Scanning Services

Why you should choose our Document Scanning Services?

• We can convert any type of document, be it receipts, manuals, handwritten notes, legal files, records, images and accounting sheets amongst others
• Rendering the scanned documents in any type of format, such as, TIFF, PDF or JPEG
• We offer document scanning services in color, grayscale and black & white
• Our document scanning services include automatic as well as manual indexing. We also offer full-text OCR indexing
• We can effectively scan Information which is on paper, office documents, fax etc. and delivered to business applications.


• Indexing system with custom index fields for the users.
• Indexing, options like Before, After, Later and None can be used for indexing at the time of scanning.
• Automized Indexing while importing.
• Automatic full content indexing for electronic and scanned documents.

scanning (Through the 1960s office records were still stored primarily on paper in filing cabinets….a history lesson for today's children……)

does it still look familiar in 2011? We can help….

  • We can Scan all your documents directly to our secure web hosted service
  • Enable your customers, agents, staff, customer services & sales people to share, view and add their content from any internet connected device
  • Or….store a full filing cabinet of paper on a searchable database on 1 CD
  • Help you setup your own scan system utilising office MFD's and flatbeds
  • Full audit trail available to provide 'chain of custody'

Your organisation depends on data and documents. It can be in cabinets, on individual hard drives, networks, in archives and briefcases. Does your company have a document management policy? Even with the strictest ones, your staff spends hours looking for data, tracking down misfiled information, copying and transmitting information to prepare reports, fulfil orders, bill customers, support audits and respond to inquiries. Do you have any idea of the cost of these activities to your company?

Research shows that office workers waste at least 10 hours a week in managing documents and over 7% of all documents get lost. Think of the opportunity to boost productivity and save money by having a secure electronic repository of your documents, all in a standard format, with 24x7 access.

Please contact us to discuss or arrange an appointment


You can enjoy fast, hassle free invoice delivery without investing in hardware, specialist hosting environments, and operational personnel.You can start saving postal costs within weeks
All documents processed by TechTrek are stored online in docHarbor – Anacomp's massively scalable document repository built for today's web enabled enterprise.
Automated AP
We provide a complete "end to end" service, we receive your invoices, prepare them, scan and index them providing you with ledger updates and automated approval /rejection /exception workflow.
Document Retrieval Demo
User ID: dhuser
Password: dhuser

Try TechTrek Electronic Document Retrieval demonstration to see our ability to capture, manage, deliver and preserve your critical information.
Other Services
• Document scanning (In-house & Outsourced)
• 99.999% Data Capture accuracy (Onshore & Offshore)
• Document & Data Migration projects managed
• Print & Mail Services
• 65 billion Images Online repository
• SaaS BPM & workflow
• Process Consultancy
• Archiving on Films/Scanning from Films
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Success Stories

Aviva plc, the UK's largest Insurance Group and the worlds 5th largest insurer.Aviva plc faced a complex information management challenge with a host of disparate document management systems derived from mergers and acquisition.Caroline Gillard, Aviva project delivery manager, " TechTrek picked up the complexity of the work immediately and were contributing ideas and pro actively managing the project all the way through, most importantly, TechTrek delivered before the deadline and were very easy to do business with ."

Brown Brothers is the oldest and still leading National Distributor to the UK crash repair industry. With over 120 years excellence in distribution, their network of branches, vans and dedicated sales people throughout the UK, not only offer an unbeatable range of products, but also offer a comprehensive portfolio of innovative business solutions. Brown Brothers chose to work with Prime Document & TechTrek in September 2009 following several years working closely with Prime Document for Print & Mail services.

Interforum a specialist book publisher in France. Approx. 200 Internal Interforum users and 15,000+ customers access the service through the Interforum Web portal which is seamlessly integrated via an API toolkit to the TechTrek docHarbor solution.
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